PROFKEEMIA COMPANY OÜ is the official representative of the largest Indian packaging manufacturer Uflex Limited for the marketing and sale of aseptic packaging materials.
Uflex Limited offers aseptic packaging for long shelf life liquid products for dairy products, juices and alcohol. The quality of the proposed six-layer packaging is guaranteed by high-quality and durable raw materials, including a layer of Paper, Polymer and Aluminum, which provides a reliable barrier against atmospheric gases, microbiological, chemical and physical contaminants, which significantly increases the shelf life. product life, stability and quality. Uflex Limited Asepto packaging preserves the nutritional value, natural texture, taste and color of products longer. All raw materials used in packaging are food grade and meet strict quality and safety standards.



Our packs are designed to offer user convenience, easy opening and optimal shelf life to products like Juices, highly perishable liquid consumables like Milk and other Dairy products and Non-aerated Alcoholic Beverages. We offer a wide range of formats from portion to family packs.

Among the main qualities of Uflex Limited packaging, such as compactness, energy efficiency, a special place can be found in the wide design possibilities: the only company in the world that has introduced foil embossing and holography as an innovative feature included in aseptic packaging to improve aesthetics, which is more attracts the attention of the consumer.
Our quality is the best in this category and prices are very competitive and we supply products to customers all over the world, including major brands such as Coca Cola and PepsiCo. We offer a long-term relationship, providing a stable partnership that benefits you in cost savings, quality and design.


Asepto thrives on continuous innovation

Hailing from the House of UFlex, Innovation to create value added differentiation inherently is our raison d’être.

Our in-house Research & Development (R&D) Team leaves no stone unturned to infuse innovation in the products, systems and processes to infallibly deliver customer delight. 

Amidst ever increasing demand for efficient and eco-friendly packaging we have introduced scientifically accepted aseptic packaging solution. The six layered packaging technology intends to lock freshness and enhance the shelf life of dairy products, beverage & alcohol without any chemical interference. We affirm our commitment towards quality by deploying cutting edge technology.  The entire strategy is executed after backing it up by meticulous field trials simulating operating conditions at the clients’ end. Our R&D team has been consistently working towards a definite goal of engineering bespoke, quality ,safe and sustainable packaging solutions addressing the need gap analysis of our esteemed clientele.


Our R&D team has been consistently working towards a engineering the most optimized, innovative, contemporary  and sustainable packaging solutions for our clients . With cutting edge technology at our disposal and some of the best brains in the field of packaging by our side we stand committed to continually add value to the business of our clients.


We vouch for safe and quality packaging bringing immense value to the business of our clients. The packaging must provide optimized barrier to atmospheric gases, microbiological, chemical, and physical contaminants that would degrade product quality simultaneously being inert to the product packed.

Our expertise allows us to understand, deliver and continuously improve upon the packaging solutions to deliver value to our clients.